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Why XTM Pro

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Since 2018, the XTM Pro group of companies has specialized in transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments: foreign currencies, precious metals, securities, futures contracts, interest rates in the international capital market, and values of stock indices.


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XTM Pro provides a single transparent quote stream for all participants without exception, regardless of account size or investment strategy. Access to real historical data on more than 1600 financial instruments is a fundamental factor for conducting qualitative analysis, testing automatic systems and making objective investment decisions.
The Investment platform allows you to see the depth of the market, demonstrating the available liquidity.

Power technology

  • Winner of the contest "The best trading platform 2016" by Online Personal Wealts
  • Analysis of trade statistics
  • Share Screener
  • Advanced technical analysis
  • Comments on the online market and economic calendar
  • Ultra fast performance
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In our work, we always strive to combine the advanced technologies, professionalism of the team, the requirements of regulatory and legal acts, preserving flexibility and creativity in all business processes of the company.

We have the pleasure to offer our clients a modern technological Investment platform in which aggregated most liquid financial instruments in the industry a total of 1600+. The investment capacity of clients is not limited by instruments consisting of forex currency pairs. This fact indicates a new approach in the sphere of OTC among regulated companies.  



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XTM Pro is an A-Book company that acts as an intermediary between the client and the market. We receive a commission for each of your transactions, so it is beneficial for us to have a long and successful career. This motivates us to invest significant time and financial resources in training and share proven strategies and working algorithms with our clients. You just have to take them and put them into practice.

Full control of trade

  • Detailed trading statistics visually reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of the trading system
  • Manage your transactions from any device, including a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet
  • The trader's calculator is designed to accurately calculate the amount of risk and reward in the transaction
  • Full trade transparency, including spread, item value and swap
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