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Investment platform

The platform of the new generation Investment platform is the result of more than 10 years of development in the field of software. Investment platform is the embodiment of quality, reliability, performance, as well as the inimitable style and comfort when working.

Having once experienced and mastered our intuitive and fully customizable professional trading platform, you are not only able to improve your financial results, but also to establish for yourself new standards for the functional features of the trading platform.

The investment platform is equipped with a built-in screener, designed to sort companies' stocks by a variety of useful filters:

  • Market capitalization
  • Dividend yield
  • Earnings per share
  • P / E and P / B ratios
  • ROE, BETA, ROIC and percentage change

For experienced traders

  • Trading Calculator

    The built-in calculator will instantly determine the amount of possible profit or loss depending on your take profit, stop loss, limit order, lot size, which allows you to make more balanced trading decisions.

  • Click & Trade function

    Market orders, stop losses, take profits, pending orders - place trade orders directly from the chart. Our one-click system makes trading more efficient and comfortable.

  • Trade statistics

    Analyze your trading results and identify your weaknesses and strengths, get a breakdown of profits and losses for many different classes of assets and tools, time periods and many others statistical indicators.

  • Quick closing positions

    Close all positions, only profitable / unprofitable or for individual instruments in just two clicks. Incredibly fast and handy tool for newbies and experienced traders.

  • Traders comments

    Get the latest market news and opinions of famous traders in real time right in the platform. This feature allows you to find out key events instantly and quickly use them.

  • Market sentiment

    Track the current difference between the number of traders who opened a buy and sell transaction, as well as the amount of their funds distributed in each financial instrument.

xStation5 tabletxStation5 mobile

Investment platform Mobile

The Investment platform Mobile trading platform for smartphones and tablets is equipped with powerful features and tools to track market news, the economic calendar, and quickly monitor and manage your trading account.

Advantages of Investment platform Mobile:

  • Customizable tool list
  • Click & Trade function - execution of transactions in one click
  • Convenient functions for monitoring and grouping open positions, as well as transaction history
  • Online comments of famous financiers
  • Economic calendar
  • News feed: world economy

Investment platform Mobile is available for mobile devices Android 4.0.0, iOS 7.0 and later.